The State of Our Clinics


In addition to providing financial assistance, the New Orleans Abortion Fund provides clinic escorting  to ensure patients enter the clinic free of harassment. More than 250 volunteers have received training, offering 1600 hours of volunteer hours annually. In March 2018, NOAF celebrated two years of providing weekly escorting (4x a week) at our partner clinic Women's Health Care Center

The threat to patients, physicians and clinic staff is increasing. Feminist Majority Foundation's 2016 National Clinic Violence Survey found a dramatic increase in clinics reporting the most severe types of anti-abortion violence and threats of violence. Nearly half of all abortion providers in the country (49.5%) experienced some form of severe violence, threats of violence and harassment in 2016.


In the past two years, Louisiana has lost two abortion clinics.  In February 2016, the clinic in Metairie, Causeway Medical, closed, following the retirement of its physician.  In April 2017, Bossier City Medical Suite closed.

At this time, clinics are open in New Orleans (Women's Health Care Center), Baton Rouge (Delta Clinic), and Shreveport (Hope Medical Group).

NOAF cautions perspective patients to use caution when visiting clinics other than the ones mentioned above.  Sometimes, anti-choice organizations run places that look like abortion clinics, but do not actually offer services.  These "clinics" (often called crisis pregnancy centers) may not have medical staff on site, and may not tell the truth about abortion care.

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