The State of Our Clinics

There are 3 clinics in the entire state- down from 5 that we had in 2016. While Causeway Medical in Metairie closed following the retirement of its physician, the Bossier City Medical Suite ceased operations following the enactment of onerous state-level regulations that clearly target abortion clinics.

This leaves the following clinics:

  • Women’s Health Care Center in New Orleans

  • Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge

  • Hope Medical Group in Shreveport

    • Member of National Abortion Federation


NOAF cautions patients from visiting Louisiana clinics other than the ones mentioned above. Those other “clinics” are often called Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) and are sometimes run by anti-choice organizations. They claim to offer pregnancy-related health care, but in reality they use deceptive advertising to lure patients in before pushing medically-inaccurate information to dissuade them from considering abortion. Those CPCs can not provide the mandatory ultrasound that is legally required before accessing an abortion.

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In addition to providing financial assistance, the New Orleans Abortion Fund provides clinic escorting  to ensure patients enter the clinic free of harassment. 

More than 330 volunteers have received training, offering 3000 hours of volunteer hours annually.

In March 2018, NOAF celebrated two years of providing weekly escorting at our partner clinic, Women's Health Care Center.

If you’re interested becoming a clinic escort check out our volunteer page and fill out the form.