NOAF Hotline

After your ultrasound appointment at one of our partner clinics, call the NOAF coldline at 504-363-1112 to request financial assistance. 

Please leave a message with your

  • name

  • phone number

  • and if it's safe for the client services member to leave a message identifying the Fund

Someone will return your call within 24 hours.

Your safety and privacy are very important to us. 
Please do not email us any personal medical information
Unfortunately, we cannot offer financial assistance by email, Facebook, or other methods.

Limitations at the clinic:

  • 24-hour waiting period following mandatory ultrasound

  • Provider must offer to amplify fetal heartbeat, if present

  • Providers must read from a counseling script written by legislators, not doctors

Restrictions in place before the appointment:

  • Parental consent required of minors

  • No state funding of abortion services

  • No insurance coverage for elective abortions

  • Only 3 clinics statewide

  • Gestational limit of 20 weeks

How we work

NOAF offers financial assistance to people seeking abortion care who live in or are traveling to South Louisiana. The two clinics in South Louisiana are Women's Health Care Center in New Orleans, and the Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge. If you are a resident of South Louisiana who must travel outside the state, contact NOAF by phone for more information.

Both clinics provide expert, confidential, and respectful abortion care.  Please contact them for more information about the services they provide.

Hope Medical Group, in North Louisiana, has funding for their own clients. Contact the clinic directly for questions about services and funding.

Our Spanish Coldline:
Línea directa en español:
(504) 517-6623*


Delta Clinic
756 Colonial Dr.
Baton Rouge, La 70806
(225) 923-3242

Women’s Health Care Center
2701 General Pershing Street
New Orleans, La 70115
(504) 899-6010

Hope Medical Group
210 Kings Hwy.
Shreveport, La 71104
(318) 221-5500

Need additional support?

Here are some other organizations that can help.

Louisiana Resources

Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project
The Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project provides resources for minors who are seeking an abortion but cannot get parental consent.  Louisiana allows a minor in this situation to petition a court for permission to have the abortion. This website will walk you through the process and can connect you to an attorney who will represent you free of charge.

Metro Centers for Community Advocacy
Provides counseling, emergency shelter, and medical and legal advocacy for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.  24-hour local crisis hotline: (504) 837-5400

New Orleans Family Justice Center
A partnership of agencies dedicated to ending family violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and stalking through prevention and coordinated response by providing comprehensive client-centered, empowerment services in a single location. 24-hour local crisis line: (504) 866-9554

Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response
Provide support to sexual trauma survivors on a 24/7 hotline and accompany survivors during forensic exams during the day and night. 24-hour hotline: (855) 435-STAR

ReJAC: Reproductive Justice Action Collective
The Reproductive Justice Action Collective (ReJAC) is a New Orleans network that aims to share information, resources, ideas, and human power to create and implement projects in our community that operate within the reproductive justice framework. Distributes free and by-donation emergency contraception (EC aka "the morning after pill") and manages the "Can I get an Abortion in Louisiana?" website here.

Women with a Vision
Community-based collective by and for women of color that addresses issues that negatively affect women and communities of color.


Outside of Louisiana? 

Here are some resources that work with folks across the U.S.
Their goal is to help you understand how to get an abortion. The site lists clinics and FAQs, which includes relevant restrictions and groups that financially assist your procedure.

Bedsider Birth Control Support Network
Welcome to the free birth control support network. Find a doctor, find a birth control method, find a happier you in bed. Its goal is to help women find the method of birth control that’s right for them and learn how to use it consistently and effectively.

Catholics for Choice
Reflects Catholic beliefs about the importance of conscience and social justice in supporting access to reproductive healthcare.

Handbook for a Post-Roe America
This handbook will let you know what you need to do before and after Roe v Wade is overturned. You can purchase it, but the website also has a national map that lists local clinics, reproductive justice and rights groups, practical support and abortion funding groups that you can work with to protect access.

National Abortion Federation
Professional association of abortion providers. Provides referrals and funding for member clinics, and educational resources - including unbiased options counseling - for individuals. Please note that NOAF's partner clinics do not accept NAF pledges.

National Network of Abortion Funds
Network of grassroots abortion funds that fights unjust laws while directly helping women and girls.  NOAF has been a member of the National Network of Abortion Funds since our inception.

Planned Parenthood
The nation’s largest women’s healthcare provider. Provides pregnancy and STI testing, counseling, and reproductive healthcare for men and women. Note that the local Planned Parenthood clinic does not currently provide abortions.

Provide offers CEU-eligible professional development training for health and social service providers on how to give accurate, informed and non-judgmental referrals for abortion care.

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network
The nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization with an online hotline.
24-hour crisis hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
Community of religious and spiritual people, denominations, and organizations dedicated to achieving reproductive justice.