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Trap Laws

24 states in the United States have acting laws or policies to prevent abortion providers from practicing which harshly limits women’s access to abortion services. The laws or policies are called TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) Laws, and include structural requirements, unnecessary standards and where abortions can be provided.  A growing trend amongst state legislatures, TRAP Laws try to invoke the importance of women’s safety, though medical experts oppose these medically-unnecessary obstacles to health care. A recent New York Times article discusses as a result of TRAP Laws, Google searches for self-induced abortions have increased dramatically.

Here in Louisiana, pro-choice advocates have been involved in preventing these type of laws from going into effect. However, this week we are facing an enormous battle for reproductive rights as state legislators have pre-filed a bill that will prevent doctors-in-training from learning how to provide safe, compassionate abortion care (because they are not board-certified). Additionally, another bill increases the waiting time between appointments from 24 hours to 72 hours -- three days!

TRAP Laws are indeed a political trap that can enforce bogus restrictions on women seeking abortion care in Louisiana. Please stand with NOAF and her partners as we try to stop TRAP Laws.

Use the hashtag #ItsaTRAPLouisiana, share, tweet and stay tuned for future developments...

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