Social Media Guidelines

As with our clinic escorting and with any organizing best practices, our goal is de-escalation. Do not ramp up the rhetoric!

  • Abortion is complex, and it's important to recognize that many faith traditions accept it as a necessary medical treatment. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice has some information about the plurality of beliefs around abortion.

  • The vast majority of NOAF's clients are religious, and most are Christian. We think it's important to respect their conscience and the decisions they make based on their faith, often in consultation with spiritual leaders.

  • (If you're also religious) I understand that abortion can be a polarizing subject. How do you think people of faith like us can work together to decrease the need for abortion?

  • It's important to support people in their decisions around pregnancy, and to know the context of why someone might seek an abortion.

  • NOAF works to ensure that young people in Louisiana receive comprehensive sex education, that everyone has access to primary and reproductive healthcare, that workers receive fair wages, that people can lives lives free from violence, and more. We invite you to join us!

  • These centers may provide limited resources for people who need assistance in their pregnancy, but they are not appropriate for someone who may want an abortion. There are resources like All-Options that do provide medically-accurate, neutral information about pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. Additionally, medical clinics with trained healthcare providers can connect their patients to resources to support their pregnancy.

  • There are restrictions in place, such as the Hyde Amendment, that prohibit federal funds from going to abortion care. Additionally, states like Louisiana prohibit insurance companies from providing abortion coverage on most plans. But these restrictions mean that people cannot get the healthcare they need in a timely manner, and may have to delay care.

  • Restrictions on insurance coverage for abortion care means federal employees, military members and families, Peace Corps volunteers, low-income people, Native Americans using IHS, and other individuals cannot receive abortion coverage, even if they pay premiums.

  • NOAF supports abortion coverage in public and private insurance plans as a necessary social service, ensuring that people do not have to choose between paying rent and getting the care they need.

  • The vast majority of our clients are working or in school (or both) and pay taxes, just like you. But the majority of Americans do not have enough savings to pay the full out-of-pocket cost of medical care, including abortion services.


NOAF as an entity does not wade into the "when does life begin" conversation. We affirm a person’s right to bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom when making decisions about ending a pregnancy. It is not based on the stage of pregnancy or scientific advancements in viability.

If you choose to respond as a supporters, please only do so to de-escalate the conversation.