Proposed Legislation

The anti-choice movement has been met with nothing but failure when its leaders attempt to outlaw abortion outright.  Americans, both voters and the courts, recognize that the right to choose if and when to be a parent is an essential freedom.  These bills represent a more insidious agenda: removing access to abortion by chipping it away piece by piece.

People of limited means, and thus who have limited ability to travel to states that are friendlier to reproductive health care access, will be the ones most affected by these bills.  NOAF asks you to take a stand this session!

2016 Legislative Session

HB 386 - 72-Hour delay Before Abortion

HB 488 - Restricting Training for Future Abortion Providers

  • Sponsor: Katrina Jackson (D - Monroe) 
  • Status: Signed by Governor John Bel Edwards

2015 Legislative Session

HB 701

SB 80 - The "Personhood" Bill

SB 8

2014 Legislative Session 

HB 388 Admitting privileges for doctors who perform abortions

HB 1274 [formerly HB 348] Termination of life-sustaining procedures for pregnant women

HB 305 Affiliates of abortion providers cannot give sex education or family planning instruction in public schools or publicly-funded charter schools

  • Sponsor: Representative Frank Hoffman
  • Progress: Signed into law (6/13/15)

HB 1262 [formerly HB 727] Creates an all-antichoice task force to create "psycological counseling" materials to be distributed to women seeking an abortion

  • Sponsor: Representative Barry Ivey
  • Progress: Signed into law