Board Member


To advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of the New Orleans Abortion Fund, Inc. so as to support the organization’s mission and needs.


In partnership with the National Network of Abortion Funds, the New Orleans Abortion Fund, Inc. was established in 2012 as a community-based 501(c)(3) organization rooted in social justice, with the purpose of challenging socioeconomic inequalities by providing financial help to women who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion. We affirm a woman's right to control her body and her destiny, and work to ensure that all people have access to quality medical care, regardless of their economic situation. Working with local medical providers, we provide compassionate and empowering assistance to women seeking abortions who are unable to fully fund their abortion, and distribute pledges as available.
The Board will support the work of the New Orleans Abortion Fund, Inc. and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. While day-to-day operations may be led by the Executive Director, appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected. Specific Board Member duties include:

  • Providing leadership and advisement.

  • Being informed of governance best practices and legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Development and oversight of governance and operational policies and procedures.

  • Financial management and leadership, including approving and monitoring the annual budget, financial reports, the annual audit, and 990.

  • Engagement in strategic planning, program monitoring, and evaluation

  • Assist in identifying and recruiting board members, officers and committee members

  • Represent the organization to stakeholders, acting as ambassador for the organization

  • Ensure that the organization has adequate resources by engaging in fund development including identifying prospects and soliciting support

Length of term

Directors shall be elected for two-year terms. No member of the Board can serve for more than three (3) consecutive terms.

Meetings and time commitment

  • The board of directors meet in-person on an as needed basis, with a minimum of quarterly meetings.

  • Meetings typically last two hours.

  • Committees of the board meet an average of six times per year, pending their respective work plans.

  • Annually the Board of Directors meets for a planning retreat, outside of regular board meetings.

Expectations of board members

  • Understand and be committed to the mission.

  • Attend and participate in scheduled board and committee meetings and special meetings and events.

  • Participate on a minimum of one committee, and serve on ad-hoc committees as necessary.

  • Understand and comply with the policies and procedures of Board and the New Orleans Abortion Fund, Inc.

  • Understand the finances, budget, and financial/resource needs.

  • Participate in fund development and attend one to two fundraising events annually.

  • Review organizational and programmatic reports as requested

  • Be alert to community concerns that can be addressed by the New Orleans Abortion Fund, Inc. mission and programs. Communicate opportunities and threats to the organization in a timely manner.

  • Be an ambassador and help communicate and promote New Orleans Abortion Fund, Inc. mission and programs to potential donors, volunteers and the community.

  • Annually, support New Orleans Abortion Fund, Inc. with a financial contribution of $500 or the equivalent raised at a fundraiser organized by the Board member.

If interested, please submit your resume and cover letter to