List of Our Demands!

As residents of the United States of America, and constituents of the legislative body of Louisiana, we take notice that our voices are not being heard. In this state white conservative men create laws without an understanding of how they apply to poor women, black and brown people, and other vulnerable populations in Louisiana. There is no justice here. Therefore, we submit this list of demands as a public outcry.

  1. We demand abortion access unapologetically and on demand, with no unconstitutional demands and bans.

  2. Stop treating women and people who have the ability to gestate as second-class citizens.

  3. We want full control of our bodies and a complete investigation as to why black women are dying in childbirth.

  4. We demand full social support, and not just lip-service or inaccessible services, when we have children.

  5. Comprehensive sexual education and contraception access without barriers to access.

  6. We demand a state minimum wage increase to $15 per hour and pay equity across all labor.

  7. Fully funded childcare centers and increased funding for early-childhood education.

  8. Abolishment of the money bail system and the prison system, inclusive of detention centers.

  9. Food and housing security and medicine access for poor people.

  10. End condoned violence, via laws and action, to LGBTQ people in Louisiana.

We are a coalition of local reproductive justice advocates consisting of the New Orleans Abortion Fund (NOAF), Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100), New Orleans Peoples’ Assembly, Women with a Vision (WWAV), New Orleans Workers Group, and New Orleans Hospitality Workers Alliance (NOHWA).