Another Obstacle for Louisiana Patients Seeking Abortion Care as the Number of Clinics Drops to Three

One year ago, NOAF released the following statement about the declining number of clinics in Louisiana. 

The New Orleans Abortion Fund is saddened to hear of the closure of Bossier City Medical Suites, one of the few clinics in Louisiana offering abortion care.  For years, Bossier City Medical Suite provided safe and compassionate abortion care in Northwest Louisiana; its owner has decided to cease operations, however.  The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) has onerous regulations specifically targeting abortion providers that make it nearly impossible to transfer ownership of a clinic that provides abortion care.  This brings the total number of clinics in Louisiana to three. 

"The Louisiana legislature and Department of Health have imposed countless restrictions on abortion care, many of which have been found to be unconstitutional," said Amy Irvin, Executive Director of the New Orleans Abortion Fund, which provides financial assistance to clients who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion.  "Despite the fact that the state has some of the worst health outcomes for women and children, policymakers concentrate their efforts on restricting reproductive freedom.  These regulations disproportionately impact people in rural areas, low-income women, women of color, and other marginalized individuals." 

Now, as the legislative session (and another year of attacks) begins, patients in Louisiana who need abortion care have even fewer places to turn.  The New Orleans Abortion Fund calls on LDH Secretary Gee and the Louisiana legislature to cease their attacks on abortion access, and work for comprehensive health care services for all Louisianans. 

As the three clinics in the state work to absorb the patients who would have gone to Bossier City Medical Suite, the New Orleans Abortion Fund continues its mission of dismantling political, ideological, and financial barriers to abortion care.  To support, please visit