Intern Spotlight: Miranda Hayes

Miranda Hayes.png

Before I began my first semester of sophomore year at Tulane University, I was looking for a meaningful way to get involved with women’s rights activism in New Orleans.  I knew about the New Orleans Abortion Fund from Newcomb-Tulane College and I’ve always been passionate about reproductive rights issues, so I felt that interning for this organization would be a rewarding experience.  After my undergraduate education, I plan on attending law school and possibly studying civil rights or international law.   

As I reach the end of my internship, I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with NOAF.  Learning more about managing and funding a non-profit organization was one of my favorite parts of this semester, and my responsibilities as an intern helped me to grow as a future employee and improve my communication skills.  My assignments mostly involved assisting with the organization of fundraising events and promoting NOAF’s online store and events.  I also took over posting on the Instagram account and helped with administrative tasks in the workplace, such as taking inventory and researching possible donors.  Helping to organize Sex-Ed Bingo—one of NOAF’s most profitable events—was also a significant portion of my responsibilities.   

Throughout this internship I had many opportunities to leave campus and meet people living in New Orleans, which helped me understand the city as more than just a place to have fun outside of school.  I hope to keep getting involved with social activism outside of school, and I would recommend the New Orleans Abortion Fund as an ideal organization for anyone who also wants to step outside the Tulane bubble.