Amy's Speech at the Rally to Oppose 5th Circuit Court Ruling

My name is Amy Irvin, and I am the Executive Director of the New Orleans Abortion Fund. Welcome and thank you for coming.

We’re here to oppose the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and to shed light on a recent 5th Circuit Court ruling that upholds a Louisiana law that requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges at local hospitals, a requirement that the Supreme Court has said has no health benefit to women.

Abortion providers are board certified, licensed Ob/GYn or Family practice physicians, and the complication rate from abortion is less than 1%.

Yet, if this Louisiana law is enacted, it will close down most providers in a state that only has three abortion clinics. Already women are traveling across state lines to get safe, legal abortion. The attack on healthcare must stop.

It’s hard to have hope when a sitting president, accused of sexual assault, mocks a survivor at a MS rally. And nominates a Judge Kavanaugh, also accused of sexual assault for a life-time position on the Supreme Court.

It’s hard to have hope when the 5th Circuit Court ignores a lower District Court ruling, and Supreme Court precedent that guarantees the right to abortion.

It’s hard to have hope when year after year Louisiana legislators author and overwhelmingly support anti-choice legislation that denies women their constitutional rights.

This is a harrowing reminder that politicians want to make abortion illegal and inaccessible, and that we often depend on the courts to ensure access.

It should be noted that the admitting privileges bill was authored by Representative Katrina Jackson, a Democrat, and signed into law by then Governor Jindal.

That the 15-week abortion ban was introduced this year by Democratic Senator John Milkovich and signed by Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat.

And the Louisiana “trigger law,” which will make abortion illegal if a Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh votes to overturn Roe v. Wade, was authored by Democrat Ben Nevers and signed into law in 2006 by Democratic Governor Kathleen Blanco.

Both Republican and Democrat politicians author, vote for, and sign anti-choice legislation, yet don't support sex education, equal pay, or minimum wage bills which truly protect women's health and welfare. Who can we count on to represent us?

Yes, it is hard to have hope.

But YOU have the opportunity to be the change you want to see by having kitchen table conversations with friends and loved ones about the issues that matter most to you. By working to elect candidates that reflect our progressive values --- we must work to Get Out the Vote by calling, canvassing and providing rides to the polls on Election Day. WE MUST VOTE!

You have taken the first step for change today by being here. Please, don’t let this be your last action.