Legal Observer Volunteer

NOAF is looking for highly motivated and passionate individuals interested in becoming a legal observer in the Greater New Orleans area. As a small, non-profit organization, we rely on committed community members to help keep women’s health clinics open through eliminating violence and intimidation


A legal observer is a trained volunteer who works at the direction of a legal team to observe and document relevant events at clinics. In essence, they are the “eyes and ears” of the legal team. They gather evidence of violations of the law by antiabortion activists, evidence of the relationships among antiabortion activists, and other evidence which might support legislative or court action.

As a legal observer, you are at the clinic to observe, gather, and document evidence in a variety of forms. These include: Written observations, photography, digital video recording, and audio recording. Your role of the legal observer is to be a part of the professional legal team. Understanding the responsibilities of your role is key to being able to succeed in carrying out your duties.

The credibility of your evidence is essential. The evidence you have gathered may be used at a trial many months or even years after the date of the incident. For these reasons, the completeness and accuracy of your notes is essential. It is conceivable that at some point it may be determined by the legal team that you have unique information that is relevant to a legal issue in dispute. In that event, you may be asked or subpoenaed to be a witness in court.


As a volunteer, NOAF will provide you with training and educational opportunities, a supportive network of staff and fellow escorts, training and networking opportunities within reproductive health, rights, and justice fields, as well as an opportunity to serve your community. Volunteering is a great resume-builder and a way to learn new skills!

Desired Skills and Experience

This position requires the following skills: A Legal Observer unconditionally affirms a woman's right to choose whether, when, and how to become a parent, and possesses knowledge of the dynamics of comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including abortion, and is dedicated to protecting these rights. A Legal Observer is committed to a non-violent, non-engagement approach and will put the goals of clinic above personal differences and respect the diversity of participants. Also seeking bilingual English/Spanish or English/Vietnamese speakers.

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