Proposed Legislation

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Three-Day Delay

72-hour waiting periods have very little impact on a person's decision-making.  We trust people to be secure in their decisions to pursue the best healthcare for themselves.

Mandated delays in obtaining care only serve to increase the costs and logistical challenges to patients.  These laws disproportionately impact people with limited access to transportation, who live paycheck-to-paycheck and cannot miss additional work, or who are already parents and need to secure childcare.

States that have passed 72 hour waiting periods have spent millions of taxpayer dollars defending these laws, which are not grounded in medical, psychological, or public health best practice.  Louisiana should focus on legislation that helps our communities access healthcare.

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Fifteen-Week Ban

Filed by state Senator John Milkovich, this bill prohibits abortion care after 15 weeks and includes criminal charges for abortion providers. This bill is especially cruel and dangerous, as Louisiana already imposes a 20-week ban, forcing patients to seek healthcare out of state in some circumstances. The bill inserts politicians squarely between doctors and their patients, forcing physicians to abandon their own ethics and good practice, and  ignores longstanding Supreme Court precedent established in Roe v. Wade, and reaffirmed in 2016 in Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt, that guarantees the right to decide whether to end or continue a pregnancy. 


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