Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Fake women's clinics, sometimes referred to as Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), are facilities that claim to offer pregnancy-related health care and medical services, but prey on women at a vulnerable moment in their lives by pushing medically inaccurate information, using deceptive advertising, running misleading websites, and engaging in a variety of other dishonest tactics to lure women seeking care and information about their full range of healthcare options into visiting these facilities.

Many of these fake women's health centers also perform ultrasounds with the sole purpose of manipulating women and convincing them not to have an abortion. Some even pressure women to undergo invasive, vaginal ultrasounds.

No woman should be shamed, deceived, or refused care, and her medical care should not be determined by the personal agendas of other people. Fake health centers are never ok.

As part of our OutLoud story sharing program, NOAF is seeking stories from people who have mistakenly visited a Crisis Pregnancy Center for a public education campaign. Do you have a story to share?

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