A Leading Voice in Reproductive Rights and Justice

The New Orleans Abortion Fund was founded in response to federal and state laws restricting insurance coverage of abortion care in Louisiana. With the support of our members, supporters and donors, we have increased our average financial pledge from $61 to $175 and assisted more than 1,100 clients since we began making pledges. In March 2018 NOAF celebrated its two-year anniversary of providing weekly clinic escorting at our partner clinic Women's Care Center. More than 250 community supporters have received training, providing more than 1600 hours of volunteer hours annually.

From its inception NOAF recognized the importance of community engagement and advocacy.  In September 2013 the Fund held its first public event to honor Sylvia Cochran for four decades of work in New Orleans as a clinic administrator and raise awareness about the Hyde Amendment, federal legislation that primarily impacts low-income individuals on Medicaid. Later that year, the Fund and its student and community allies successfully protested “emergency rules” issued by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) that threatened to close all five abortion clinics in the state. Since then, the New Orleans Abortion Fund has opposed numerous anti-choice regulations and legislation, including legislation requiring clinics to have admitting privileges, a ban on the most common second trimester abortion procedure, a 72-hour delay and a 15-week ban.

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